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Mark Warner Sailing video

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Mark Warner Case Study.

Why did the Mark Warner website need video?
1. Looking ahead to our new website, video was an integral part of the design and structure. Not only does it bring to life the brand for those potential customers, but it also forms part of our SEO strategy and enables us to target relevant key words through search engines.

What has been the response to the videos so far?
2. The videos have had a great response both internally and externally and we can see that from the day they went live people have been interacting with them

How were the videos used on the site?
3. With so many different customer profiles, families, couples, solos etc. the videos help us to put across the USPs for each demographic.

"Working with Travizeo was a very easy process, they are always ready for a new challenge and open to ideas and suggestions. Their strength not only lies in the shots they take, but also in their modern approach to editing and understanding of marketing and website needs."
Polly Ziegler-Online Marketing Manager, Mark Warner

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